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Chania Mystery Tour

Scavenger Hunt in the old town of Chania

Navigate through the gothic alleyways
of the old town of Chania.
Learn all about the monuments and its history,

playing an exciting mystery game
with puzzles, ridles and many surprises!

What makes Chania's

old town, so


A trip through time
    Our exclusive and original Scavenger Hunt is an exciting game that will allow you to discover the secrets, legends, monuments and hidden corners of the Chania's old town, with a real taste of adventure!
   Our themed Treasures Hunts will lead you to discover charming and evocative places and monuments, sometimes impossible to find on tourist guides. As you solve riddles and puzzles, you will learn also history and legends linked to some monuments and places of this ancient city that concolidates cultural aspects from five different civilisations and three denominations through 5.000 years of history. You will need culture, imagination and intuition to reach the treasure, but if you get lost, you can always ask for help from the friendly locals!
This ancient city concolidates cultural aspects
from five different civilisations
and three denominations
through 5.000 years of history.
  • To play, you need a mobile phone with a wifi connection and a gps receiver.
  • Download the Actionbound app for free.
  • Upon your registration, we will e-mail the link to the game page.
  • We will also give you a game kit, which includes an unfinished tourist guide to the old city of Chania that you should read, a modern map and the gravure of a Venetian map. You can choose to dowload the game kit, or to get it printed from us.
  • The rest of the guides and texts will be given to you during the game.


to play

Our first story

The hidden treasure
of Count Belmonte

A few days before the Turks occupied the city in August 1645, General Chancellor, Count Giovanni Domenico Belmonte, collecting as much as he could of the unimaginable wealth that the Venetian rulers of Chania had accumulated, and he hid them somewhere in the city, in order to find a way to get them later. But the Count was beheaded by the Turks as soon as they invaded the city, and no one ever learned his secret for two centuries, until a Cretan-turk scholar finds a manuscript with coded instructions to the hidden treasure. 

You have to solve the riddles and puzzles of this manuscript to find the treasure that even the scholar himself couldn't find.

Good luck! 

LEVEL 1 (easy)
BIG TOUR: All the Venetian monuments of the old city (and some Othoman ), architectural details, unknown points of interest, secrets, myths and stories from the Venetian period of Crete.
DURATION: 6 hours 

FAMILY PRICE: 25 for downladable game kit

                              35 euros for the printed game kit

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