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The Garden of Zephyrus in Akrotiri

The building is on top of a rock, and the apartments are under the house where our family lives, in a private area of 4 acres full of trees, shrubs, herbs and wildflowers of the local flora. It's placed on a sloping hillside rock, facing Souda Bay. A small private street,70 meters long,leads to a spacious parking lot, and at its side there is a small staircase, wich leads to the balcony and the front door of the appartment. Both apartments are equipped with everything including a full household as well as what you may need for your personal care and they're suitable for children (and we have a cot for babies).
We named our property "Garden of Zefyrus" as a different kind of wind pleasantly blows the appartment every season. Sometimes a powerful wind makes leafs fall from trees and make a carpet full of beautiful colours, while other times, a soft breeze makes leafs rustle, helping every visitor to relax and unwind.The house is located 300 meters above sea level. From the windows and balconies you can enjoy a beautiful view to the east, south and west, which includes the sea of Souda Bay and the White Mountains which have snowed peaks most of the time and  unforgetable sunrises.. All around, the tweets of birds and the hum of cicadas is heard.

There is a shared parking lot and a big front yard. You can explore the farm with olive trees, meet Cretan flora (and fauna) in our rock garden and learn from us about Cretan herbs and their properties.

We are a four member urban family, we live in the same building. You can either spend time with us whenever possible, or not have any contact with as.You can participate in different,enjoyable activities with us, such as gardening, playing in our yard or garden, singing and making musicalinstruments.You may call us if you need anything (respecting quiet hours) inccluding information or suggestions for your excursions in Chania.

Our neighborhood is connected by bus to the city of Chania, which leaves every hour and the stop is a 10 minute walk from our house but we strongly recommend you to rent a car if you want to gain time for sight seeing. There are a lot of car rentals in the area. We are connected to Chania, Souda port, the airport and the highway that communicates with the rest of Crete, by two roads 5-7 km. The airport is from here about 10 minutes, Chania 15-20 minutes depending on the traffic and Souda port about 15 minutes.

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