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The Garden of Zephyrus in Halepa

History, architectural wealth and picturesque coastal walks....

Stay in the heart of a charming historic neighborhood at The Garden of Zephyrus in Halepa. Our vacation rentals are perfect for guests who want to immerse themselves in the rich history and cultural treasures of the area. Stroll the streets and admire the stately houses, former consulates and impressive churches or visit the Archaeological Museum for a fascinating look at the oldest civilazation in Europe. Enjoy delicious meals at the excellent local taverns or relax in one of the cute cafes. Take in breathtaking sunsets during the picturesque coastal walk from Halepa to the old town. Our location is also conveniently situated near a supermarket, the bus stop to the airport, and a natural pool for swimming in the rocky coast. 

The Garden of Zephyrus - Halepa

Welcome to The Garden of Zephyrus - Halepa, your perfect short term rental apartment  in the city. Located on the ground floor, our bright and fully equipped apartment boasts a large yard for sunny mornings and is decorated with style and refinement. 

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The Garden of Zephyrus - Friends

Welcome to our studio where we create stylish and unique homemade furniture pieces.

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